Now we can also print on garments!!!

We realize printins using "flex printing" method based on special thermo-adhesive films.

These films, available in many flavours in order to get the desidered result, are cut with extremely precision by using a professional cutting plotter.

The printing process is completed fixing the films on garments using a thermo-press.

These printing method offers the below advantages:

  • Many kind of film colours available: shiny, opaque, fluorescent, metallic, holographic, flocking, satined, etc…
  • Possibilty to print only one garment
  • High washing resistance (we suggest to wash garments on reverse side)
  • Ideal for team numbers

Unfortunately, there's also some limit:

  • Isn't possible to print many different colours
  • Is really difficult to cut very small draws or letters

In this page you can find some example of what we can realize with these printing method.

Ask for an estimate for your logo, slogan or anything else you want to print!

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