Offered services

When we receive a request regarding the creation of a customized embroidery, we immediately get to work to make an estimate detailing costs, time and feasibility of customer's desires.

If the customer agrees with our estimate, if needed, we can also create a sample to give an idea of the final product.

After having refined the prototype and getting further agreements with the customer, we can start with the real production.


Types of customized embroidery

We can create customized embroidery upon:

  • every kind of garment, individual or by stock (t-shirts, shirts, hats, jackets, work and sport overalls, scarfs, etc...)
  • products for your babies (bibs, cradle blankets, smocks, etc...)
  • household products (pillows, blankets, hand towels, bathrobes, beach towels, etc...)
  • party favors for every needs (wedding, birth, degree, etc...)
  • every other thing that can be embroidered (under-saddle blanket for horses, car mats, etc...)

We can create customized patches with your business logo/name that you can sew upon your own garments!

In this page you can see some example of what we created for our customers (everybody is very pleased!)

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